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#3 - Defy Gravity - May 6, 2022

Awakened, emboldened, inspired, changed!

These are the emotions that fill my soul as I listen to an acoustical version of the song, “Defying Gravity”. A wave of courage washes over me and my inner man is filled with fierce determination, and a fighting spirit emerges.

Is this the day? Will I finally have the courage to let go of all the things that have weighed me down? It’s as if I am seeing through a new pair of life lenses. Realizing, THERE IS NO SAFETY IN, PLAYING IT SAFE! Dreams demand bravery and courage. My dreams require that of me. My gifts demand that of me, and God has created them in me.

It takes newfound strength to let go of the fears and insecurities that we’ve worn for years like a comfy blanket, but we cannot soar wearing a weighted blanket. It takes courage to look at things we see as imperfections and recognize them as part of the fabric of who we are and what makes us unique. The world doesn’t need carbon copies, it needs originals.

It's so easy to second guess, hesitate and sit on brilliant, one-of-a-kind ideas that we have. How many books, poems, songs, and paintings are in your computer or favorite notebook, waiting for their moment to be presented to the world? Time is fleeting, and tomorrow is not promised to anyone. What a shame it would be for the world to miss out on the beauty of our gifts! Let this be the day you put yourself out there!

There was a song by the amazing singer, Angie Bofill, “share your love with the world, it deserves what you are”. Wow, writing those words pierces my heart. How long have I robbed the world by holding back my contribution? We all have something to contribute. That’s right, every one of us! We should never allow anyone (including ourselves) to tell us that we don’t have something to say or share with the world. Your words matter. Your ideas matter. YOU matter!

For many years I lived my life flying at a low altitude. Why did I allow myself to coast along, flying on autopilot, rather than trusting in the amazing plan that God has for me to soar to higher heights?

Full disclosure, there was a time when my faith was so high, and I allowed myself to believe in all that I dreamed and desired. Before I knew it, doors were opening left and right, but then I felt guilty because I was being given so many extraordinary opportunities. I remember telling God that He had done enough for me and to bless my friends. How could I pray such a prayer? It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Why did I not think that God could bless both me and my friends? I took on the weight of shame and unworthiness that day, and it took years to discover that I was the one who put on that weighted blanket.

Now I have a new vision and a new purpose. I am learning not to feel guilty or underserving of my blessings. I know that there is enough for all of us. I am also taking inventory, to identify anything that I am holding on to which would weigh me down.

It's an ongoing process, but I am determined to see it through. This blog is helping me face my fears and just live my life, finally realizing that it's not too late for me to defy gravity!

Hope fully ever after...

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